A memorable stay begins with a pleasant booking experience.

Stand out with our products and offer a seamless customer experience. Stunning design combined with a smooth booking process: we bring customers to your doorsteps.

WordPress designers and developers

We develop products for WordPress, which is reknown for being the most popular and accessible Content Management System. WordPress is the perfect tool to build up your site: safe and secured as well as easy to use and learn!

Dedicated to the Hotel industry

Specialized in developping WordPress themes and plugins for the hospitality industry, we are well aware of your requisites. Tailored to your needs, our products are perfectly suited for hotels, holiday homes, B&B, appartment rentals, campsites...

Offering outstanding support

We take great pride in providing you with helpful and effective responses to any question or difficulty you might have... We endeavour to deliver excellent customer service and if English is not your cup of tea, we speak French and Spanish as well!


The theme that you choose for your WordPress site is like the front lounge of a hotel. It needs to be perfect to create that first impression which makes a difference.

Our responsive themes look great on any device and are specially designed to highlight your property. They will allow you to create a website that impress visitors and make them book a stay with you.

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Booking plugin

Be one step ahead of the game by offering online bookings and convert visits into money. Our plugin HBook guarantees a smooth booking from the search to the confirmation of reservation.

Well thought out, cohesives and functionals with an incredibly in-depth set of customisable options, it will also simplify booking management and help you save your time.

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