Version 1.6 of Hbook plugin is out!

Keeping things synchronized thanks to iCal.

After a couple of months working hard on it, we are happy to announce the release of version 1.6 of our booking system plugin Hbook. This new version of Hbook is a very important one as it includes two new main features: credit card payment with Stripe and iCal synchronization.

Stripe: accept online credit card payment in a secured environment

Stripe isn't just easy to use for businesses, but it simplifies checkout for customers as well. It accepts almost any credit or debit card - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover - and payment in more than 100 currencies. Stripes handles sensitive information for you and credit card details are not stored on your server. Safe and secured!

If you choose to offer several online payment method to your customer, Stripe and Paypal Express Checkout (which was already included in HBook) are a very good match. You would boost your sales conversion by letting your customer paying either with his Paypal account or directly with his credit card. How convenient it is! Do not forget that this is the last step of the booking process. You do not wish them to navigate away, right?

iCal synchronization:
show real-time availability even if you offer your rooms in different places

Hbook can now be linked to your other iCal calendars (Airbnb, Homeaway, 9flats, Google Cal, Outlook...). You do not need anymore to keep an eye on the accuracy of your availability calendars and to enter the booking or block dates on several places when you receive a new reservation. Didn't we tell you that our aim is to make your life easier!

Let us explain you how a "two-way synchronization" works:
1 - Hbook updates availability with the bookings you receive from other source - as Airbnb for example.
2 - Your availability calendars - the one in Airbnb site to continue with that example - is updated automatically with bookings received on your website.
In other words your calendars communicate bookings between each other.

These are the main improvements for version 1.6 of Hbook plugin. We hope it will drive more customers to your doorstep!

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